Doctor’s Advice

I had an appointment with my specialist for my skin on Thursday past (it’s now Wednesday, almost a week later) and while discussing the remaining options for turning the battle again my rash in my favour, we touched on food. I have already tried going dairy-free. I did a full six months avoiding all my favourite foods (cheese, mostly, but butter too), and after my facial rash continued to gain ground, becoming more insistent and more consistent, I admitted defeat.

So. Dairy isn’t the answer to my woes. Next up: Gluten. Yup. Straight out of my doctor’s mouth came these words, “Since you’ve already tried giving up dairy, with no success, it’s time to try eliminating gluten. In fact, I’d recommend you give up almost all carbs and try the Keto Diet. The most recent studies show great results, including reduced mortality.  I’m not kidding. The science is pretty sound.  Look it up for yourself and if you’re willing, give it a try. I bet you’ll be feeling better, running longer and experiencing fewer skin issues within a couple of months.”

So, after my appointment, I had my last carb binge, eating 4 slices of toast, and vowed to myself that I’d at least give it a try. I figured I could do a week of gluten-free eating at a minimum and I’d see how I feel about going on a Keto Diet (there are quite a few to chose from these days).

I posted about my doctor’s advice on a social media page (my personal account, not linked to this site) and heard from a few friends who’ve had great luck with going Keto, and I admit, I was curious.  So.

So now I’m on day 6 of a Keto Diet.  I hate the word diet, but there it is. I’m on a diet.  A fat eating, carb-avoiding diet. I bought the book, “The Keto Diet” by Leanne Vogel, and a container of Ketosis Test Strips, so I can test my urine for ketones, and lo – I am in ketosis. That means that I’ve eaten enough fat and few enough carbs that my body is burning fat and using ketones for energy rather than glycogen.  Note: It’s not ketoacidosis, which is a bad thing that can happen to diabetics.

Many years ago I tried the Carb Addict’s Diet, which was also a Keto Diet.  I didn’t last very long on it. My love of bread is great. This time I have more hope.  My hatred of my dermatitis is strong and a great motivator.