Three weeks, rash free. And fingers.

So I’ve made it three weeks without more than 20g of carbs a day.  And I have not had any rash this entire time.  This is the longest I’ve gone with clear skin in more than 18 months.  I’m impressed.  But I still want to eat toast.

Also, my fingertips are too sore to play the Uke tonight.  Must rest them.

Coping Mechanisms

So. I am trying to keep my head above water here. That means reaching into my tool bag and testing every single tool I have, trying to find a way to keep myself moving forward.

I’m back at the gym. I’m cycle commuting to work. I’m about to push myself out of my comfort zone by joining Roller Derby. I bought myself a Ukelele and I’m following a bunch of online lessons. I’ve bought tickets to music events, including stage musicals and raver-style block parties. I’m planning a trip for Halloween, to get me out of town and give me something to look forward to (LA/West Hollywood, here I come). I’m still looking at NOLA real estate for my 50th birthday. I’m organising the girls trip for my mom, daughter and I to Greece and Italy.

I’m not sure what else I can do before I break down and beg for meds from my family doctor.

In the coming weeks, I hope I can post a few silly photos and maybe even a few videos of my daughter and I getting silly with the Uke!